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White vs Albino

Know the difference between albinism and white labradors.

Although albinos and white labs look closely similar, there are other traits to look out for to spot the difference between the 2. Albinism in labs will show a very pale coat and skin, and light colored or pink noses and eyelids. Albinism in labs is rare, but sometimes this comes with some health problems.

White labs on the other hand, we describe below:

White Labradors however are almost always a very pale version of the yellow Labrador, and should have well pigmented noses and dark eyes…

Yellow labs come in the widest range of shades from almost white, through cream, pale yellow, golden and right up to the richest dark fox red. What is and is not desirable or fashionable as a shade of yellow Labrador changes from one decade to the next.

In the 1950s and 60s a rich dark yellow was popular, but over the next few decades the tastes changed to prefer a paler blonde or even cream. Now the pendulum seems to be swinging back, with a very dark foxy red becoming fashionable again.

If a white or almost white Labrador appeals to you, do take steps to ensure that the breeder has not focused on colour to the detriment of health and temperament.

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