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Understand Labrador Grooming And Stop That Shedding

Dog hair on the carpet, in your bed, stuck to your new black pants, spread all over your floors and on your sofa – is this a common scenario in your house? If so, then don’t despair because you are not the only one having to deal with this situation. The fact is, people who have labs are facing a huge amount of shedding dog hair.

People frequently say that shedding is one major problem when having a dog inside the house. They wake up to find a clump of dog hair in their living room. Yet, despite the “hairy” situation, you know you’re not going to let go of your wonderful dog.


Labradors are shorthaired dogs. But, this breed is mostly likely to shed during shedding season. They can pile up dog hair in every area of your house. However, unlike other breeds, Labradors are average shedders. Although they do shed in greater amount, it is still manageable. If not, then it is time to have him a veterinary check up.

One way to manage your Labs shedding is through proper grooming. Labrador grooming is the proper care and attention you allot to your dog’s hair and hygiene so that shedding is minimized. By cleaning up your Labs, you will make it easier to deal with the shedding later.

Before we know more on Labrador grooming, let us first understand why our adorable Labs undergo shedding.

So, why do Labradors shed?

Labradors have a double coat. As the name implies, it is a double coating wrapped around the Labrador for two purposes. One is for water resistance and the other is to make them warm. The outer coat of a Labrador is called a guard coat. It technically guards the Labrador to keep them dry while swimming. The undercoat or the inner coat of the Labrador is soft and downy that keeps them warm while in the cold water.

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