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Safety Reminders When Going to The Beach With Your Lab

Everyone loves the beach, especially your lab because that means new friends, playing, and swimming!

It’s summer and you want to cool off at the beach with your lab, so we’ve compiled a few reminders before you go:

Pick A Good Beach Spot

Not all beaches allow dogs so check with your community which ones you can take your dogs to. There are some beaches that require dogs to be on a leash so be sure to be aware of the rules. Always make sure to pick up after you dog too.


Give your dog lots of water

“Heat stroke is probably the main concern we have for dogs going to the beach. Make sure your dog has a lot of fresh water available and avoid heavy play in the hot sun. Dogs with the flattened faces (brachycephalic) cannot cool down as easily since these dogs do not perspire. Keeping them wet will help. Overweight and dark dogs are also at greater risk. The hot humid weather, midday sun, and hot sand add to the risk,” says Dr. Richard Fujie of the King Street Pet Hospital in Hawaii.
Having fresh water available also prevents dogs from drinking salt water and ingesting a lot of sand.


Keep an eye on your dog while he plays or swims on the beach

Many dogs are natural swimmers, but many are not. You can opt to buy a swimming vest made especially for dogs and put it on your pooch every time he goes to the pool or beach.
Keep in mind that the sea isn’t just water. Creatures like sea urchins, moray eels, jelly fishes and more live it and they pose a danger to your dogs.
There are also all sorts of items to be found on beaches. Some can be partially or fully hidden in the sand.Broken glass, rocks, hooks, coral and garbage can put your dogs in danger.
Dogs will be dogs and their powerful sense of smell may lead them on the trail of spoiled and rotten food.
Water pollution is also a concern so make sure your pooch avoids river mouths and estuaries.


Avoid doggie sunburn by putting sunblock on your dog.

Yes, dogs get sunburn – especially fair-skinned indoor dogs. Make sure to limit their time in the sun. There is also sunblock designed for dogs available at pet stores.


What to do after the beach trip?

Giving your dog a bath after the beach trip is a good idea since all the moist and sand may cause irritations or abscesses – among other problems – on their skin.

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