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Product Review: Classic KONG Dog Toy

If your dog experiences separation anxiety, then you will surely love this classic KONG dog toy. Kong toys are widely used as therapy for prevention of boredom separation anxiety and other behavioral issues.


This dog toy can be easily filled with treats that can keep your dogs busy. Your dog will be occupied for hours as he spend licking and biting the dog toy to get the goodies out. A good suggestion is stuffing the dog toy with delicious treats. One major concern for pet owners are the size of the holes if you are going to put smaller treats inside. The trick is cut the treats lengthwise and turn them across the opening. If you are going to put liquid stuff like peanut butter, the best way is freeze it. This will keep your dog busy even buy much longer as he will take extra more time to get his treats out. Just don’t forget to adjust the bowl feeding portions as necessary to maintain a healthy diet and weight for your pet. This is a fun toy that bounce unpredictably in every direction. Regular use will strengthen your dog’s jaw muscles.


It is 100% safe, non-splintering and non-abrasive god toy as this is made with a thick puncture-resistant rubber. But always beware about what size you will get for your dog. This KONG dog toy is very durable toy that will last for a long time. This is recommended to everybody that has a dog.

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