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The Lovable Labrador Temperament: Know The Nature Of Your Labs

Do you want a dog that obeys your every command? Or a dog that plays with you in different sports? Or a dog that you can rely on searching and fetching things for you? Or a dog that does all three? Then, a Labrador is the perfect dog for you! With its great temperament, you sure will have the ideal dog you want your entire life.


Fun loving, obedient and dependable – these characteristics are prevailing in every Labrador dog. You will be happy to know that most of the traits you desire for a superb dog are found in a Labrador. Whether you want a dog to play with or to easily follow your command, Labrador will do everything for you.

It is natural for a Labradors to please their owners. The fact is all Labradors desire to make their owners happy. That is because they want to be a part of the family hence, they do their best to achieve the goal. You can make things easier for your Labrador by allowing him to do what you want at a more pleasant approach.


The obedient characteristic of a Labrador makes him ideal for any dog training. Train your Labradors how to catch, fetch, sit, stand and roll over easily with the proper implementation. You can do so by being consistent with your words and actions, have a regular training schedule and implement positive reinforcements.

Knowing that your Labrador can become aggressive if left behind by himself is a great advantage. This allow you to execute appropriate training as early as being a little pup so by the time he grows old to become a strong and huge dog, you need not to worry on how to control him. If you leave your Labrador for a long time, tendency is for him to grow weary. Moreover, the tiring feeling makes him aggressive and would want to attack instead pleasing others.

As the name Labrador retrievers simply means, these dogs are great retrievers. They love to be involved in search and rescue activities. For that reason, many Labradors are part of the search and rescue team or even on the police team. The agility and intelligence they possess makes them capable of being efficient in search and rescue operations.


Moreover, these dogs are great with the outdoors. You can let him run swiftly around the park or swim in the beach. Outdoor activities such as catch or playing ball bring out the best in your Labradors. They would love to explore many things and retrieve them for you. So, one way to make your Labradors the happiest dogs in the planet is to let him have the time of his life outside your house.

Watch this effective temperament test for Labrador puppies:


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