Did you know that a Labrador is the most popular dog in the whole world?

According to the number of registered ownership in dog breed, Labrador Retriever owns the highest percentage in the overall registration. This is particularly evident in Canada, USA and the United Kingdom. Moreover, Labradors are famous as household pets and assistant dogs. This breed possesses agility, ideal for search and rescue operations, but still has the potential to become submissive and playful even to the little kids.

Before we go on to the basics of a Labrador, let us first know the history why these exceptional dogs are called as such. Labradors were first developed in Newfoundland, Canada. These dogs are often dubbed as Small water dog or St. John’s water dog due to its love for water. Fishermen in the region noticed how the Labrador love to please others and the yearning for hard work. Hence, these men employed the Labrador dogs to aid them in fishing by pulling their fishnets to the waters.

In the 1800s, this gifted breed had reached the shores of England during the trade in salted cod. Soon, the English men discovered the ability of Labradors for hard work and activities that are very useful in hunting and were becoming popular to the British. The Duke of Malmesbury thereby named this breed Labradors in the 19th century.

Basic Description: Labrador retriever, Labrador or Labs is a strong and brawny dog that is often longer in terms of body dimension. These dogs have large head with medium-sized eyes. The color of their eyes are usually hazel, chestnut, brown, black or sometimes gray, mostly depending on the color of their coat. Their webbed feet together with their Otter tail make them capable of swimming and staying long in the water.

You can find different coat colors for a Labrador. These double coats are water resistant making it smooth and straight. Solid black, chocolate or yellow are the primary coats of this breed. However, because of interbreeding and mutation, silver Labradors are seen in some households. These dogs are expected to live in between 10 – 12 years for their lifetime.

The Labradors are loving, friendly and playful dogs. They like to play and run around the yard. Leaving them alone inside the house for many hours or days will make them extremely bored and aggressive. Trainings and exercises would make them happy. That is why, it is mostly recommended to have a yard where they can run and be trained always.

Like most family dogs, Labradors are great on children. They crave affection and playtime with their owners. Since, they want to be a part of a family, they will work hard to please their owners and would desire human leadership from them.

Diligence, intelligence and obedience are the top characteristics of a Labrador hence, they are ideal for a service dog. They are very energetic and are willing to be trained as watchdogs. However, Labradors are normally not suitable for guard dogs due to their friendly personality. They are more on alerting you when an intruder is around.

While these cool dogs offer you all their attention and compliance, they also need the best care from you. Proper breed care would make them feel that they are well taken cared of and loved always. Provide them with sufficient food and water every day. A good walk at least once each day would also make them feel enthused and alive.

Every week, brush their fur once. You can do this especially on shedding season, which happens twice every year. Check also their body parts for any strains, moisture or anything beyond their usual self. Let them have a nice bath only when necessary. These dogs are less in maintenance therefore, you don’t have to worry much on them. Just make sure they stay happy and loved always.

Watch this Labrador dog in action with his cute owner: