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Have Own Labrador Retriever Training At Home

An obedient dog who follows whatever you say,

A playful dog who always come out and play,

A friendly dog who makes you smile all day,

Then a Labrador dog is for you to stay.


A Labrador retriever is one of the coolest dog in the world. It follows your every command. It is always energized for play and work. It requires less grooming and care. And of course, it will do anything to please you.


A type of gun dog, Labradors are good in hunting, fishing and other search and rescue activities. Once known as the Small Water dog or St. John’s water dog, this breed was originally developed in Newfoundland, Canada. They are exceptionally useful due to their ability to swim and help the fishermen pull their nets. Later, this breed had reached England and was further developed for hunting and other outdoor activities until this day.

Labradors are dynamic, carefree and alert. They listen intently to what their owners would tell them and they obey. Labs would always love the outdoors. They want to run around, play fetch and even swim. These good dogs have webbed paws and an Otter like tail that enables them to swim in the waters.

These dogs are very smart. They have agility to do whatever you want them to do. Hunting and other search and rescue activities are the great interest of Labradors. Involving them into exercises and training will enhance more their given talents.


Training a Labrador is as easy as you think. Unlike other dogs, Labradors will do anything to please their owner hence when you train them properly, they will conform to your commands. They seek human leadership thus becoming an obedient dog always.

When you train a Labrador, consider several tips on proper training. This magnificent breed may be excellent in trainings and exercises but when done inappropriately would lead to doggie behavior you do not want in the future. For instance, you do not want a brawny huge dog to jump on you every time he sees you.

Training a Labrador starting from the cute little pup is always the best way. It is like schooling a small puppy before he or she can reach adulthood. You can teach them gradually on housebreaking or what they need to do when they have to “go”. That way, as early as a young Labs, your dog will know when and where to do his or her stuff always.


One effective way to implement house rules to your Labs is by keeping them within boundaries. Simply saying, you do not want them to go around the house and just go on their innate habit. Initially, they must be confine inside a crate or a doggie pen and teach them where to “go”. Have a litter box somewhere near him and train him to go there when he needs to. Otherwise, you can put a doggie door in your kitchen so he can have access to the outside and let him do his thing.

It is always important to give positive reinforcement when training your Labrador Retriever. These dogs may sometimes do something wrong and scolding is a must. Do it firmly but in a gentle and caring voice.

Basic commands like “Sit”, “Stay” and “Come” are easily grasp by a Labrador Retriever. You can train them to comprehend these words through repetitive commands and allowing them to understand what the word means. Do some trial and errors first with your dog like holding a treat on one hand and command them to sit. Teach them how to do so and give them the treat once they perform the command right.


Playing fetch will always bring out his retriever instinct. Allot free time for a walk in the park and play some catch. You can teach him how to Fetch a ball and let him bring it back to you. Tell him to fetch and come when he found the ball. Give him a treat once he does it correctly.

Labrador Retriever Training is a lot of fun. You can teach your Labs some tricks and moves. Just remember to reward him when he does things right. You can give him toys like chewable bones or tennis balls to play with. But most importantly, always provide time to take him outside for a walk or a play of fetch. Otherwise, it will only bore and upset him.

See a good Labrador Retriever Training in this video:


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