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Labrador Puppy Training – The Right Way

Every dog is a man’s best friend, a companion for fun and a friend in times of sadness.

“They share the joy you feel and listen in every drop of tear. Although to strangers they come to tough, still they make you smile when times are rough. For every run and bark they do, they give it all for you.”

Labradors are the most in demand dogs all over the world due to their temperament and hardworking behavior. This is evident in the number of registrant for dog owners. Labs occupy the bigger percentage of dog owner registration around the US, Canada and the United Kingdom even until this day.


Did you know that Labs have the desire to please their owners?

Labradors are easily trained and obedient. It is innate in them to obey the command of their owners. By implementing the proper training and exercise, these dogs can follow any command set upon them. In fact, Labrador retrievers have the instinct for search and rescue activities and other outdoor actions.

To set the appropriate training for a Labrador, keep in mind that the best way to do so is to start from a little pup. Labrador puppy trainings are the most effective form of training these dogs since they can start learning the proper behavior when they are still young and continue to live in this conduct.

Labradors puppies are energetic and have the eagerness to follow their owners. They desire human leadership on them and if not instigated will make them aggressive. They have the need to become part of the family thus, they want to please their owners.

By knowing these personalities will allow you to implement the right form of training. You can start by knowing facts about Labradors, what they love to do and eat as well as their natural behavior and instinct.


It is also important that you have knowledge on the different Labrador trainings from manuals or books that provide tips and suggested exercises.

To help you more on training your Labrador puppies, here are some tips on what you can do.

When you have a new Labrador pup in your house, you don’t just introduce them where they need to stay and let them be. That will definitely make them lonely and bored. Of course, given that these pups are lively, that will also permit them to roam around the house freely and scatter their unlikely manners just about anywhere.

Proper training must be employed once you have a new Labrador puppy in the house. You can start by giving him his own name. This will first provide him an identity that he needs for himself. That way, every time he hears his name, he would pay attention to the person calling him. You can let him comprehend his own name by repeatedly calling him. When he is busy paying attention to other stuffs, call him by his own name. Once he pays attention to you, say, “Good dog” or give him a treat.


Training your Labrador pup around the house is not an overnight task. It takes time and requires patience and proper tools like crates or dog pens. Crates and dog pens are not methods of punishment or housing, although the second one may be applicable. These temporary confinement trains your pup to control his bladder.

Place him inside the crate for a short time and afterwards, let him out to do his stuff. If he does so outside, reward him with affirmation or a treat. If not, let him come back and do it again after another short time interval. The idea is to let him hold on and not just “go” anywhere he pleases.

Teach your Labrador pup the basic commands like “Sit”, “Stay”, “Come”, “Stand” and “Lie Down”. You can do this with a positive reinforcement like a treat or a pat on his head and some kind words. When you want him to stand, have a treat on top of his nose and pull it upwards. He will have eyes on those yummy treat and will stand. If he does stand, give him the treat and say, “Good dog”. You can use the treat technique when you want him to sit and lie down. Remember, let his eyes follow the treat and guide his action.


Labrador puppy trainings are always effective if backed up with positive reinforcement. Labs would always be encouraged if they feel like appreciated always. Do not try to scold them in a harsh way. Just be gentle with your words but with a firm disposition. That way, they will acknowledge the true human leadership in you.

To see a cute Labrador pup in training, watch this YouTube Video:


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