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How To Go Through Labrador Feeding

Having your own Labrador makes you feel excited. Once you brought home a Labrador puppy, you cannot wait to play with it, cuddle it, train it and feed it. Those cute little heads would just pop up from their beds and greet you with its little yawn. They would run around the house and do whatever you tell them to do. They can sit, stand, play fetch, swim and craw if you want it.

With your Labs intention to make you smile all the time, wouldn’t it also be a good way to show them your appreciation by feeding them well? Labradors are huge eaters and providing them their fill would always make them happy. But, of course, let him exercise to keep away from that flab.

For the adult Labradors, huge feedings are necessary since they already have a huge stomach to fill in. However, this can only be done for at most three times a day. You can schedule this as breakfast in the morning, lunch at noontime and dinnertime.

Feeding a Labrador is similar to feeding any other types of dog. As long as you provide them with sufficient and nutritious foods at scheduled time, you do not have to worry a thing about your Labs’ health. Just choose the right kind of dog food to give your Labrador and you will be guaranteed a healthy and active retriever. If you are in doubt on what dog food to give your Labrador, do not hesitate to ask your vet. These experts are more than willing to check on your dog and see what’s best for him.

Naturally, there is no exact amount of food to give to your Labrador. You can definitely quantify it according to their age and size. Labrador puppies would always require small amounts of food at numerous times in a day, let’s say about four to five times a day. It is like feeding a baby. You just need to give small feeding to them but in more frequent times each day. That way, your Labrador puppies won’t stay to full that can upset their stomach or too hungry that will cause them to get weak.

Furthermore, if you have a new Labrador puppy in the house, find out first what does he or she usually eats. Give your Labs first the kind of food he is used to and gradually change his diet with the kind of dog food you want for him. This will not easily upset his stomach due to sudden change of diet.

Provide them with sufficient amount of food but always watch out their food intake. Labs need to be firm and not obese. If you give them more food servings than their usual, they would just finish it all up and care less on their weight. It is in you then to watch their weight. You can burn those excess fats through regular exercise in the backyard or in the nearest park.

One more important thing to remember when feeding your Labrador is the meaning of privacy. Although these loyal dogs would always want to be a part of the family, they do want to have a little privacy especially when eating. You will notice that they would quickly finish off their meals in fear that someone else would take away their food. So, it is imperative then to feed your dog in a place where they can fill their hearts out in privacy.

See some cute Labrador puppies having their fill:


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