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Behind Every Labrador Biting

Why Do Labs Bite and How Do You Stop Your Labrador from Biting?

Labradors are known for their skills in hunting and searching. It is natural for them to hunt and search anything you command him. Thus, it is quite instinctive for these dogs to put anything in their mouth when they see something. That explains why they love to bite and place things in their mouth. Of course, we cannot blame this on our Labs as these are what they are born with.

As stated above, some of the reasons why Labradors bite are being playful, afraid, defensive and angry. Little pups would always love to play with their brother and sisters. Biting is one way to do so. They bite off each other as a means to play and be affectionate to one another.

Once your Labrador is afraid, the tendency is for him to bite. The fear in him makes him more defensive to himself. In addition to being defensive, territorial gain and boundaries are usually evident in Labradors. They want to know their own territory and claim it as their own. Lastly, if you make your Labs angry, generally, they will bite you.


To train your Labrador not to bite, always begin when they were still a cute little pup. It is rather difficult to teach a huge brawny Labrador not to bite especially if he gets used to it. You can teach your little Labrador puppy not to bite by using leash. If he tries to bite, pull the leash and say, “Do not bite”. If he does it again, pull the leash one more time and say not to bite. You will have to do it continuously until your Labs understand what you mean. By the time he stops, praise him and give him treat he deserves.

Enjoy watching this cute little lab sampling just about anything:


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