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Behind Every Labrador Biting

Playful, afraid, defensive and anger – these are some of the reasons why a Labrador Bites. But, do not fret much on this notion. It is normal for Labradors to bite. In fact, it is normal for any dog to bite.

Labrador Retrievers are known to bite anything. Whether it is his toy, your shoe, your bike, a stick or even your hands, these little pups love to grit something with teeth. Often, they would bite anything they set their eyes, or their teeth, upon.


So, is it normal for a Labrador to bite excessively at anything?

Actually, it is quite normal for a small Labrador pup to bite anything. You can see him bite your hands or your shoe. But of course, it may not look normal for a grown Labrador to bite your hands or anything it wants. You can find it cute to see a little Labrador pup to bite on anything but it is fearful to think of a huge Labrador dog to bite off your hands.

How do you stop your Labrador from biting?

Proper training and command is one way to teach your dog not to bite. In fact, whatever you want your Labs to do entails the right kind of training. These dogs are great in obedience and following every command just as long as it is implemented well.


But before we discuss on the proper training on how to stop your Labrador from biting, let us understand first why Labradors bite.

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