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Know More On Labrador Behavior

Have you ever thought of owning a dog? Do you already have a specific dog in mind? Well, if you still haven’t chosen the best dog for you, here is a good suggestion. Try having a Labrador! These dogs are the perfect dogs for a house pet. You can play with them, talk to them, train them and even do whatever you want them to do.


Labrador is a breed that has been developed from Newfoundland. These dogs are noticed when fishermen saw the desire and the pleasure Labradors get in swimming in the water. Thus, these men used the dogs to help them pull their nets. Eventually, Labradors reached England and in that prosperous country, they were further discovered as excellent hunters.

These days, Labradors are very energetic, fun and easily trained. They love to play around and do not like being left behind. They want to please their owners and can be very affectionate.

So, to help us understand more on what are Labradors, let us know more on their different behavior.

As their name implies, Labrador Retrievers are superb retrievers. They would retrieve anything you throw. Whether it is a ball, a toy or even shoe, they possess a hunting instinct to locate the item that you throw and retrieve them back to you. That is why, a good game of fetch is their favorite game. You throw a stick or a tennis ball and they will love to fetch it for you.


Swimming in the water makes a Labrador happy. These dogs have otter like tails that are great for swimming. Their love for water makes it a habit for them to stay in the water. Let them swim and they will for hours. You will enjoy yourself watching your dog with only their head floating above the water.

Another good behavior of a Labrador is their love for people. They do not want to stay moping in the corner when everyone is around the house. They would even love to hang around with the little ones. These dogs are great with the children due to their affectionate personality. Hence, more and more kids love to have a Labrador as a pet.

But, as a Labrador possess many wonderful behavior, they also have some behaviors that may be annoying or unlikely. Shedding is a major concern of most dog owners because dog hair would just spread all over their house. Labradors do shed every twice a year and in these shedding season, great amount of dog hair are seen in the carpets, beds and sofas.

In addition to that, Labradors are huge eaters. In fact, they can finish through any amount of food you feed them. They love to eat and they eat fast thinking that if they don’t , some other dogs or even other people would take away their food. Thus, when you feed your Labs, let them eat in private. Moreover, these dogs love to chew. They can chew anything they set their teeth on. So, it is wise to train them to chew on their own toys and not on your leg chairs or even your new pair of socks.


Although dogs are great guards to our house, Labradors are not. They can watch over the house, bark at strangers but not guard their owners. They are mostly good in search and rescue activities and as watchdogs.

With all the different good and unlikely behavior of a Labrador, still, it all weighs down to one conclusion. Labrador is a good dog to have around the house.

So, if you want a dog you can cuddle, play and just enjoy but still you can train and are capable of following your commands, Labrador is the perfect dog for you.

Here’s a good clip on how Labradors behave:


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