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Introducing Your Lab to A New Baby

Your lab may have already sensed something in the air, but you can coach him or her into getting used to having the baby around.

Labradors are great family dogs, and having a baby around to play with your lab is even better. Labs are friendly and very nurturing, but sometimes they can be overly energetic or too playful.

It’s good to train your lab during the pregnancy, and help him or her get used to having a baby around. This way when the baby finally arrives, your lab will know how to act.

We have a list of reminders below that you can check and implement yourself.

  • Make sure your Labrador is properly trained before the baby arrives. This may mean taking your dog to a training class to ensure he learns not to jump on people. This is critical when you bring your baby home. The last thing you need is for your large Labrador retriever to jump up on a tiny newborn baby.
  • Get your Labrador retriever used to everything baby in your home. Set up the baby’s furniture early and allow your pet to get used to seeing it. Buy a baby doll and start carrying it around the home so your Labrador sees you carrying a baby around. You can also play baby sounds around your pet so he will get used to hearing a baby in your home.
  • Invite friends and family members who have a young child over so your Labrador retriever can get used to being around a baby. While you don’t want to use a baby as a guinea pig, it is important for your pet to get some practice before the time comes. Labradors are sensitive to change and will already sense that something is changing.
  • Make sure someone takes care of your pet while you are in the hospital having the baby. Just like an older sibling, your Labrador retriever can feel neglected if you disappear and will feel replaced if you suddenly show up with a tiny new person.
  • Send home a blanket the baby has used with your spouse or significant other before you bring the baby home. Allow the dog to sniff it so your Labrador can get used to the baby’s smell. This will make the baby more familiar to your dog when you bring the new baby home.
  • When you bring the baby home, enter the home yourself without the baby. Allow your significant other to bring the baby in so you can give your Labrador retriever your full attention. This will show him that he is still important, despite the new baby.

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