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Cleaning Your Lab’s Ears The Right Way

Labs have sensitive hearing so cleaning their ears should be done carefully.

Check the steps below for clean labrador ears.

Here are some tips to ensure your dog’s ears remain clean and healthy:

  • Always be on a look out for any discoloration in the ears, a pink color indicates a healthy ear while a red one indicates an infection
  • Regularly clean the ears with cleaning solution to keep it healthy and clean
  • While bathing your dog, ensure that the shampoo or water doesn’t get in to the ear cavity. Due to its shape, it is difficult to get the shampoo or water out of the ear once it gets in
  • Always clean the ear dry after a swimming session
  • Regularly check your dog’s ears for any discharge from the ear, prolonged discharge can indicate an ear disorder
  • Be on a look out for any behavioral changes in your Labrador Retriever, constant scratching or shaking of the head can be a sign of an ear irritation
  • Never insert anything in to your dog’s inner canal as it can damage the inner ear canal.

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