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Choosing From The Good Labrador Training Books

Now that you have your own Labrador, do you find yourself in a situation where you do not know what to do first? Are you clueless on how to undergo training your Labrador? Do you need a guide or reference to help you know more about Labradors and how to deal with them?

If you do find yourself in this predicament, then what you need is to seek professional help, or better yet, buy a good Labrador training book to help you along the way. These training books have all you need so you do not need to worry on what to do when it comes to your Labs.


There are many Labrador training books available either in your nearest bookstores or online. You can scout for books that have a comprehensive guide on your Labrador behavior, eating, grooming and training. You will also discover training books that has a complete guide on what you need to do from the time your Labrador is still a cute little pup until he becomes a brawny and energetic adult Labrador.

To help you choose a good training book, here is a list of the five best selling Labrador training books and a short description.

1.) Training Your Labrador Retriever ( Training Your Dog Series) by September Morn

This paperback book provides tips and advices on Labrador training from housebreaking to obeying verbal commands. You will have a step by step procedure on how to go about potty training, retrieving, leash, hand signals and different commands. Understanding that every Labrador training with positive reinforcement is important and therefore emphasized in this training book.

This 160 pages, paperback book is filled with colorful illustrations on different Labradors and how their owners train them. You will also learn how to take away bad canine habits in a more humane and affectionate way.

2.) The Everything Labrador Retriever Book: A Complete Guide To Raising, Training and caring For your Lab (Everything Series) by Kim Campbell Thronton

It is a 304 pages paperback book filled with colorful photos of Labrador in full action. You will learn how to deal with your Labrador, train them, groom them and finding the right diet for them. You will also have a good introduction on the different Labradors and their behavior. Health problems are also presented and ways to avoid and treat these diseases.

3.) Labrador Retrievers for Dummies by Joel Walton and Eve Adamson

Either you plan to have your own Labrador or you already have a new one, this 288 pages paperback book will be a great guide on knowing more about Labradors and their behavior. You will have an extensive guide on the different Labradors to help you decide on what kind of Labrador is perfect for you. Training tips, eating habits, proper grooming and behavior are presented in detailed so you will have a less hassle time with your new Labrador at home.


4.) The Labrador Shooting Dog: Training the Labrador Retriever as an All-Around Sporting Dog by Mike Gould

This paperback, 303 pages book allows every Labrador to be the retriever and gun dog that they have always been. Mike Gould introduces Labradors as a good hunting companion and a very obedient dog. Included are trainings on how to improve on their hunting skills. Also included is a 16 pages of colorful photos of the Grand River gun dogs.

5.) Labradoodle: Comprehensive Owner’s Guide (Kennel Club Books Designer Dog) by Miriam Fields-Babineau and Mary Bloom as Photographer

Now, who does not want a Poodle and a Labrador in one? Given the wisdom of a Poodle and the energy and agility of a Labrador, you will have a good designer’s dog, a Labradoodle. Developed in the 1960’s in Australia, this breed is known as the Seeing Eye Dog that serves us humans. With its good temperament and attractive behavior, no wonder every dog lover would want to own Labradoodle.

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