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Product Review: Benebone Bacon Flavored Wishbone Chew Toy

Benebone Bacon Flavored Wishbone Chew Toy has a patented ergonomic design – which make is a perfect chew toy for any dog. The shape of this is a curved wishbone which allows dogs to pop-up one end. Your dog will surely get a satisfying chew going. Deep grooves are present which allow pups to get a good bite. This will then increase surface area for improved scent and flavor. This chew toy is very durable and solid. For reference, a 7 months lab puppy can chew this bone for almost a month. But before buying it is recommended to make sure you order the correct size for your dog.


As to the size, this comes down to your best judgement. If you are going to purchase this for your puppy, Benebone is a relatively hard product so the safety for your puppy depends on your puppy’s chew and tooth strength. So please monitor closely. One dog owner has a 40lb labrador, pure muscle and very strong. Although he has a medium size dog, his labrador is a heavy chewer and thus Benebone recommends a larger bone for safety. If you are worried about some oily residue that could stain your rugs or carpet, Benebone doesn’t have this oily residue. Benebone is also pretty consistent when it comes to the amount of in ingredients that they use. If you look closely at the bone, there is dark brown flecks throughout the material and that is the bacon embedded into it. They are only using real ingredients and real flavor, which gives peace of mind to dog owners who only want the best for their pets. The bone is made with super-strong nylon and 100% bacon, for irresistible flavor and scent. The flavor is well infused. This will surely keep your dog busy and happy until the bone is worn down.


Lastly, if you are wondering if the product will attract ants or other bugs, the answer is Benebone states it does not attract any insects into your home.

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