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3 Common Allergies to Look Out For

Like humans, our labs can get allergies too.

It is important to know which allergies your lab has in case of emergencies. Below we’ve listed the 3 most common ones.


…Flea allergy dermatitis (FAD) is a very common cause of allergies in dogs. Year round flea control is essential in preventing flea infestations, especially in the southern US.


Seasonal Allergies

…Seasonal allergies are most often caused by atopy, an allergic reaction to allergens either inhaled or absorbed by the skin, while non-seasonal itchiness/ infections are more likely to be caused by food allergies. This being said, probably some dogs are a combination of the two…


Labrador Food Allergies

A food trial is the only reliable test to check for food allergies. There are blood tests out there, but they are not thought to be specific enough, because there are many immune-mediated components to food allergies that can not be measured in the blood. Food trials require you to feed a single food (single protein and grain source) for about 8 weeks.

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